1/2 Barrel


The industry standard American size half barrel keg suites every brewing need at a price that is easy on the pocket, a fraction of the weight of a stainless keg; stackable without pallets, and nearly half the price!

What’s new for 2013?

  • Reduced Height: Same height as standard metal keg
  • Reduced Weight: Further weight saving against our 2008 mk2 keg
  • New Material: Improved durability

In moving away from keg management we have focused our cash into making our beer better, we would not have been able to do this with steel!

Volume 15.5 gal.
Diameter 17.125″
Height 22.84″
Weight 20.72 lbs
Maximum QTY Per Pallet 27
  • 40% Lighter than stainless equivalent keg: Easier on the staff and easier on the environment
  • 3 Year Warranty: We stand behind our kegs with a three year warranty, although we know from experience there is no reason a plastic keg cannot last as long as a stainless keg
  • Great for dock sales: Reduced risk of theft, sell your kegs without fear of not getting your empty keg back
  • Chose your own color: Make keg repatriation simple and increase your brand awareness.
  • Unique Laser Chimb Marking: Mark Brewery/Company name, Keg Number & Telephone number on Chimb with wear resistant Plastic Kegs America Chimb marking
  • Low Risk of Theft: Greatly reduce the risk of theft
  • Works with manual & automated filling lines: Works with nearly all filling heads- No need for different techniques or equipment
  • RACK+STACK™: Stacks seamlessly with 50 liters & 1/2 BBL without pallet
  • Available in small quantities: From 5 units upwards
  • 100% Recyclable


  • Max Working Pressure: 60 psi / 4.1 bar


  • Super Heated Steam: Capable of 275′F @ 21 psi for 60 seconds


  • Liquid Shell: PKNB20 Polypropylene
  • Certification: PKNB20 is FDA approved material
  • Weld: Patented Plastic Kegs America process
  • Origin: Made in Georgetown, Texas USA


  • Stainless Valve: American D Sankey Stainless steel 304
  • Plastic Valve: American D Sankey (with metal ball and springs)
  • Fitting Method: 2″ 14 TPI threaded valve
  • Safety Feature: Prevents valve from being removed under pressure


Chimb / Liquid Shell

      Standard : Black / Black

Custom Color: Optional-minimum order quantity for custom colors


  • Laser Chimb Marking: Optional – brewery name, telephone, sequential numbering

Green Facts

  • PKNB20 Polypropylene: 100% Recyclable, BPA free plastic
  • Electricity: Manufactured using at least 24% renewable energy
  • Weight Saving: Approximately 40% lighter than equivalent metal keg


  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
  • Finance: Kegs from as low as $1.56 per month (WAC)